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Purchasing Solar Panels

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We conducted a survey of high-level business owners and managers in organizations with more than 500 employees. Questions include how to keep your work environment clean and protect your employees and customers. Here are their answers:

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We are expert in residential services all over California with Cleaning and Installations. Our team of dedicated and skilled cleaners and a separate team with Installations. We are always ready and determined to offer high-quality and satisfied services.

Lastly, it’s a pretty small tradeoff, energy-wise and cost-wise, to climb up on a ladder, get on your roof, and clean your solar panels yourselves. When you think about getting out there and dragging a hose up to the roof to clean them, this point might really start to hit home.

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Whether you have one solar operation or many, our solar experts can ensure that your solar panels and equipment are clean and running efficiently. Cleanliness is an important factor of Solar asset management and making sure your farm stays running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Los Angeles is also usually ahead of the curve with environmental issues, passing ordinances such as the ones banning single-use plastic bags years before other cities of similar sizes. Los Angeles has always been a supporter of alternative energy, and with solar panels dropping in price, solar portfolios are becoming more common as well.

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There are a number of reasons why solar panels are very difficult to clean. In order to clean solar panels you normally need to climb on a roof, This is not only dangerous but also if you do not know how to stand on the tiles the right way you will break the tiles and when it rains you could get thousands of dollars in water damage.

Our professional crew of solar panel cleaning experts will make both residential and commercial solar panels perform better. Our flexible cleaning schedules work with any budget, and with comprehensive field reports from every trip, you can be confident that you are up-to-date on any issues that may arise.

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Solar panel are not smooth like glass; it has the feel of frosted glass. This is difficult to clean because the water/dirt does not simply run off the solar panels; it stays on surface, leaving a muddy look when dry.